Hotel Zlatý Dukát


On the historical postcard from 1914, the third house from the right (Hlavná street no. 16, where is situated the Hotel Zlatý Dukát) stands on the place of its two predecessors. During architectural research in 2006, there was found the oldest royal house, which stand there in the middle of the 13th century. The royal guards and officials of the royal chamber lived in it.

In 1392 King Sigismund of Luxemburg demolished it and its material was used in the construction of a new fortification. The current classicist house from the 1840s was owned by Terézia Szimayová. After her from the end of the 1950s, it was owned by landowner Samuel Patay, a member of parliament and later the first sub-prefect of the Abov County.

After 1891, the building at Hlavná street no. 16 was bought by Ľudovít Stern, who established a tavern and restaurant here. After 1930, it was known as “Budějoviská bouda” and was operated by Jan Boháček. After the war until 1950, there was a restaurant and wine bar “Atóm”.

In 1950, the building was acquired by the socialist company “Jednota”. In the same year, during its reconstruction, was found “Kosice golden treasure” buried in the basement. Around 10 kg of gold jewelry and watches was found there. Apparently, it was hidden here by the previous owners of the house, the Stern family, before being deported to a concentration camp.

This discovery also gave the name to the new wine bar and restaurant “Zlatý Dukát”. It was privatized after 1990. The hotel with the same name is still operating here today. The hotel Zlatý Dukát was created after extensive internal reconstruction from 2005 to 2007.